(prices do not include tax)

Orders are custom priced based on design and size

(I do not guarantee any item to be allergy free)

Cakes and Cupcakes

(Price based on design/size/quantity)

Cake/Cupcake Flavors      Buttercream Flavors             Fillings/Toppings (extra charge)

Vanilla                             Vanilla                                Ganache

Chocolate                         Chocolate                           Pineapple Reduction

Marble                             Lemon                                Strawberries

Lemon                              Strawberry                          Peach Reduction

Strawberry                        Coconut                             Cherries 

Coconut                           Almond                              Coconut Pecan 

Cinnamon                         Pineapple                           Pecans

Almond                            Caramel                             Apple Reduction

Pineapple                         Twix                                  Lemon Curd

Caramel                           Snickers

Funfetti                             Mounds

Peanut Butter                     Milky Way

Peanut Butter Choc Chip           Raspberry

Raspberry                          Marshmallow

Butter Pecan                       S'Mores

                                       Peanut Butter


                                      White Chocolate

                                      Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

                                      Champagne (upcharge)



                                      Butter Pean

                                      Cookie Butter


The following are speciality items that must be pre-ordered


Speciality Cakes $55- 8 inch round 2 layer cake or 1 DZ Cupcakes $30

Carrot with Cream Cheese buttercream and Pecans - $55

Black Forest Cake - Chocolate cake with a cherry filling, vanilla buttercream and chocolate shavings $50


German Chocolate Cake - Chocolate Cake with coconut pecan frosting $55 


Cheesecake Stuffed Apples $8 each ***SEASONAL*** 

(minimum order of 3)

(Apples are cored and filled with a cheesecake filling)

Oreo - dipped in white or semi sweet chocolate

then rolled in crushed Oreo's

Snickers - dipped in caramel, semi sweet chocolate, 

Snickers pieces then topped with a caramel and chocolate drizzle

Caramel Apple Pie - dipped in caramel, white chocolate

then dusted with cinnamon sugar


Milky Way - dipped in caramel, semi sweet chocolate,topped with

Milky Way pieces then topped with a caramel and chocolate drizzle

Reeses Cup - dipped in white or semi-sweet chocolate

then topped with Reese's Cups and a peanut butter and chocolate drizzle 

White Chocolate Strawberry - dipped in white chocolate, dusted in graham cracker crumbs add  chocolate covered strawberry for an additional fee

Turtle - dipped in caramel, semi sweet chocolate then rolled in pecans and topped with a caramel and chocolate drizzle.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries **SEASONAL**

1 dozen Plain Chocolate (choice of white, milk, semi-sweet or dark chocolate) $22

1 dozen Assorted (assorted chocolate/toppings) $25


Whole Pound Cakes

Vanilla $25

Lemon with Lemon Glaze* $30

Raspberry with Lemon Glaze $30

Strawberry with Lemon Glaze $30

Strawberry with Vanilla Glaze $30
Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache $30

Almond with Almond Glaze $30

Cinnamon Swirl $30

Cookies $13 per dozen

Cookies w/Buttercream $18 per dozen



Sugar w/Sprinkles


Cookies $16 per dozen

Chocolate Chip

Pecan Chocolate Chip

Coconut Chocolate Chip 



Turnovers $28 by the Dozen

Caramel Apple                                                



Peach (seasonal) 


Baby Upside Down Cakes $25 per Dozen


Caramel Apple


Chocolate Covered Marshmallows $16 per dozen

(choice of up to 4 flavors)

Turtle(caramel, chocolate and pecans)

Oreo (white or chocolate with crushed Oreos)

White Chocolate with Caramel

White or Chocolate Sugared 

Chocolate w/Sprinkles

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